Our house welcomes you.



On the upper floor is the guest room and a large children's room which can also be used as a lounge.

There is also a TV and a computer.

Bathroom is at the bottom of the stairs. The kitchen is also in the basement. Kitchen and dining room would have to be used together.

Tablets or mobile phones for translation are also available. Since we have a car, we can help with trips to offices and with shopping.

Our offer is aimed at a mother with a child or 2 children. The rooms are not suitable for older people or people with disabilities because of the stairs.

School and kindergarten are 4 km away, school bus leaves almost in front of the front door (or by bike).



children's room


Guest Room                                                                            Bathroom and Toilet


part of the kitchen                                                                                      dining room


small TV room                                                                                                  exterior view